3 Misconceptions You (Probably) Still Have About Dubai.

3 Misconceptions You (Probably) Still Have About Dubai

With the influx of information we’re able to access online, sometimes it’s difficult to filter which ones are legitimate from the ones that aren’t.

Poorly written articles and biased news can, in fact, determine our travel choices.

And despite being one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and achieving record-breaking structures and New Year’s Eve fireworks display, Dubai remains to be a mystery for many.

Truth be told, a lot of people still refer to Dubai as a whole. Although it’s the most popular amongst the youth, the rich, and the famous, Dubai’s not a country. It’s only one of the 7 emirates that make up the entire United Arab Emirates. Dubai’s not the capital city either, Abu Dhabi is.

As much as I want to stop there, interestingly enough, there are a lot more misconceptions many still face about Dubai.

It’s time to set the records straight.

1. If I hold hands in public, I’ll immediately be jailed and deported back to my country

Although it’s not strictly enforced, PDA (especially kissing on the lips) is not encouraged either.

Remember: It’s important to respect the culture of the city, or country, you’ll be traveling to. And take note, Dubai is a Muslim city.

2. There’s nothing to see in Dubai, except sand!

Need I say more?

3. I have to wear the abaya or kandura, and be completely covered from head to toe.

Dubai’s a cosmopolitan city. It’s a melting pot of cultures coming from different parts of the world. Although it’s necessary to dress appropriately and respectfully (which is the case in any country, anyways), you can still wear shorts and tank tops in public. Just make sure to properly cover up, if you plan on visiting sacred sites like mosques.

Every country is beautiful in its own way – CLICK TO TWEET!


It’s a shame that some are favoured less than the others, just because of numerous poorly-written articles that are circulating online. Again, although the internet has made it easier for us to access information online, it’s important to discern each article carefully, and make your decisions wisely.

Featured header (c) dubaibritishschool.ae

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