Filled With Gratitude with Mayuri from To Some Place New

Filled With Gratitude with Mayuri from To Some Place New


It’s so beautiful, I couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling I get every time I step in a new place, meet amazing individuals, get to know a new culture, taste local cuisines, and dive into new experiences.

Today’s Filled With Gratitude story is shared by Mayuri, founder of To Some Place New.

Read below to see how her mom became a channel in sparking her inner wanderlust, and how this paved way to the birth of To Some Place New.

And before I hand this page over to Mayuri, we’d like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day today! Thank you for being our light and our strength. We love you! 💕

This is a very special post as Mother’s Day is quickly approaching in North America. My mom used to say “collect memories, not things”. Her simple, yet effective advice – things require a lot of storage, cleaning and maintenance, but memories and experiences don’t. You can carry them wherever you go.


Traveling to me, was like fish to water: I belonged to this feeling of wanderlust, of constant movement. As a kid, I would read history and maps with keen interest.

I still remember a travel advertisement that used to air in the ‘90s, “Malaysia, Truly Asia”. Those images got me thinking that there is a world outside of my hometown and my own country.

I was born in India. And by early 20’s, I had extensively travelled throughout India, covering over 100 cities (solo and in groups)

In 2009, I moved to Canada for a new beginning. First few years went by in adjusting and making a living in a new country. I was working hard, only to travel more.

When I started working in Canada, my goal was to travel to 2 new places every year. It started small with exploring Canada and USA. And I would have this strong urge to pen and photograph these travel journeys. Every now and then, I would write posts, start a new blog or a flickr account, but I was never consistently doing it.


(c) Mayuri, To Some Place New

In 2016, I came across Bruised Passports on Facebook. Their stories of travel and lifestyle was very inspiring. I continue to follow them on their travel journey. Reading about their stories encourages me to blog my own travel journeys. With their inspiring photos and stories, “tosomeplacenew” was born. I regularly pen my travel stories here (

Traveling makes life worth living. I currently work full-time and I travel as much as I can. After having worked for a few years and having saved up, now I am exploring new places every month and going far as Europe, South America and Asia.

Traveling makes me happy and keeps me going!

Get to know Mayuri more… check out her on Instagram!

Learn more about Filled With Gratitude – The Series.

I’ll be featuring one story every Sunday here, on my blog, and on Instagram!

So whether you’re a blogger or not, frequent traveler or not, I’d loooove to read about your story!

What are you most thankful for?

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