10 Friendly Reminders When Taking The Dubai Metro

10 Friendly Reminders When Taking The Dubai Metro

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to commute around the city is through the Dubai metro.

But with the influx of tourists and locals coming from all over the world, all following different sets of rules and etiquettes, taking the metro could be stressful for some (or for a lot of us).

Whether it’s shuffling through people standing on both sides of the escalator, or people blocking your way on the platform, it’s always good to stay informed about the rules and etiquettes inside the Dubai metro.

All about your Nol Card

1. You can either recharge your Nol card from the recharging machine, or from the ticketing counter.

However, note that the recharging machine only accepts exact amounts. So if you’d be needing your change back, head to the ticketing area instead.

Yes, the ticketing counter accepts cash and card transactions.

2. Upon entering the station, tap your Nol card on the right not on the left.

On the escalators

3. Stand Right, Walk Left.

You’ll see this everywhere – before you step onto the escalator and on the sides.

It’s important to stick to this rule since there are people who walk on the escalator. And most of the time, they’re in a hurry.

On the platform

4. Before entering the metro, stand on the sides, don’t block the exit area, and let people inside the metro go out first before you go in.

About the cabins

There are 3 different cabins: Gold class, Women & Children, and regular cabin.

5. Men aren’t allowed inside the Women & Children cabin. If you’re a man who has female kids with you, you may stay in the regular cabin. Both men and women are allowed inside the regular cabin.

6. Silver (or the Regular) Nol Card holders aren’t allowed inside the Gold Class cabin. You need to buy a separate card specifically for Gold Class, which costs about half more than the price of the Silver card.

Inside the cabins

7. No smoking, eating, or drinking inside the metro.

8. Respect other people inside the metro – please don’t talk, laugh, or blast your music too loud.

9. Don’t shove, or push, your way on and off the metro. As much as you can, and if you have luggages with you, please don’t block the entry/ exit areas on the metro.

10. Don’t put your feet up on the seats. And if you see someone – elderly, pregnant women, or women with children, please let them sit.


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