Filled with Gratitude

Filled with Gratitude – The Series

Often times, we find it difficult to stay grateful when things don’t go our way. Sometimes, it is easier to find fault in pesky situations we are placed into, pinpoint annoying habits of people we are forced to work with, or simply give up trying and just let the tide push us ashore.

I must admit, I’ve been put into these trials many times too and it is certainly tough to keep diverting your thoughts towards something positive. Eventually, all that’s left of me was, “I couldn’t do this anymore.” Yes, giving up may have seemed like the most convenient option. But after sometime, I realised that instead of making things easier, I’ve just blindly turned myself in to the monster.

Thoughts can be deceitful and we should never let it control us


With this, I decided to finally do my first ever blog series – Filled with Gratitude. My aim through this series, is to inspire you to focus on the good things that happened during the day rather than the negativity. Wake up with a positive thought and look forward to better things ahead.

I hope to go through this amazing journey with you. I’m super excited! 🙂

What’s your Filled with Gratitude story? Share it to us by leaving a comment below, or drop me an e-mail on


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