Dubai: Treasures from Above

Dubai: Treasures from Above

Courtesy of Skydive Dubai

I have always loved the idea of flying. It keeps me serene, it gives me joy and it helps me see the world from another perspective.

Flying twice in one day is more than I could have ever imagined doing. I feel so happy and blessed to be one of the few people to have experienced this at an early age. Of course, all these wouldn’t be possible without my parent’s support and the Skydive Dubai team.
For the next agenda after my skydive experience, I was spontaneously booked by the amazing Ms. Morag on a Gyrocopter tour. On our way to the Gyrocopter office, Ms. Morag and I shared a lot of different stories. I am very thankful to have met her. Ms. Morag was very accommodating, sweet, kind and funny.
When we arrived at the office, I was introduced to my pilot, Aigel. He briefed me about the dos and don’ts, the places we’ll be seeing and what to expect during the ride. Afterwards, he put me on cam and we headed to the copter. Aigel strapped me in and the moment we put our headphones on, we were set to fly.

Unlike the Skydive experience that I had earlier, this time with the Gyrocopter tour, I could see Dubai’s beauty in a more relaxed manner. Passing over the Palm Island, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and more, I was even more thrilled when Aigel guided me on how to fly the Gyrocopter


Courtesy of Skydive Dubai

After 20 minutes (or more) of touring around Dubai’s greatest attractions, Aigel and I slowly descended to the runway. As much as I hated for this day to end, it is time to bid goodbye. This day’s adventures would surely stay with me forever. Once again, from my parents and I, thank you Skydive Dubai for being a part of my 18th birthday. Finally, I have checked two (2) things off my bucketlist – Skydive and Gyrocopter. You guys are truly amazing. 

Courtesy of Skydive Dubai

Thank you Aigel for this photo!


Until next time, Dubai! Paalam! 🙂


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